In Germany the GEMA (Gesellschaft fuer musikalische Auffuehrungs- und Vervielfaeltigungsrechte) controls the public presentation of music. TV  and radio stations have to pay fees for playing music.  Additionally, shops, restaurants, hotels or any other entity which plays music in a public area is subject to this fee.   Also called gemafreie music, this is not the same as copyright free music. This music is not in the public domain and it is protected by copyright law.
If you use music from Raven-Studio Berlin, you will hold a license for your public use of the music  in perpetuity.  These pages are not in English, but you can watch, listen, order and use the CDs wherever you live. If you have any questions, please contact us by email.
The music is sold on CDs.  You may buy one CD, a CD-package or the entire library.  Preview them first online and buy just what you need. You will  get a lifetime license and make no further payments or renewal fees.
We designed a "buy 3-get 4" and a "buy 6-get 8" offer to help you to get a quick start in building your own custom production music-library - one that is filled with whatever styles of music that you need.
Our client list includes thousands of producers of creative content and can be heard in TV, radio, and multi-media productions.  It provides background music for restaurants, corporations, hospitals, schools, and insurance companies.  Even the military understands that their presentations are enhanced with music rather than just dry video.
Best regards, Olaf Rabe
(composer / producer, Raven-Studio Berlin)